Negotiation and Improvisation Webinar with SMPS

  • 11/17/2020
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


There’s a common misconception that the best negotiators are unyielding tough nuts who yell and pound their fists. Great negotiators don’t shout, pressure or demand. They prepare, ask the right questions, and seek a win/win at the table. Whether you’re negotiating for money in a contract, or buying a new car, there are powerful skills and methodologies that can point you toward success.

ImprovEdge will lead an engaging and thought-provoking virtual session that explores negotiation, including how to approach the negotiation table, and how to leverage our strengths. You’ll learn important negotiation tactics, negotiation myths, and the unexpected value of personal style in effective compromise.

This engaging virtual experience will create an opportunity to network with professionals and connect to develop deeper and more authentic negotiation skills. You will walk away with:

  • Tools for how to avoid common gender pitfalls
  • New ways to leverage strengths through collaboration
  • Tips for the best negotiations you’ve ever had, whether you are negotiating for a million-dollar contract or bedtime for a 4-year-old

 Tickets are $25 for ECC or SMPS Members.  Registration is available through SMPS' website: 

About ImprovEdge

ImprovEdge delivers practical, real-world, immediately applicable training with an improv twist, because improv (adaptability, thinking on your feet, and flexibility) makes you better at everything. Their facilitators come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including professional services, business, improv, academic, legislative experience, and a variety of personal backgrounds including gender identifications, races, and ethnicities. You’ll benefit from their depth of real-world business experience to understand how your organization works, paired with the creativity of improv training to keep you on your toes and thinking differently. For more information on ImprovEdge and the services they provide, visit

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